SmartPM Secures Investment From Top Construction Leaders

SmartPM Technologies lands significant investment from construction sector giants, Zachry and Nemetschek, enhancing its analytics services.

ATLANTA, Feb. 27, 2023 ( – Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM Technologies, a leading construction-project analytics provider, announced that the company has received significant financial investments from two high-profile companies in the construction sector.

The Nemetschek Group, a pioneer for digital transformation in the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AEC/O) industries, led the recent investment round. This investment expands the Nemetschek Group’s venture strategy of driving innovation in construction. Pursuant to the transaction, Matt Wheelis, SVP of Strategy for the Build & Construct Division at the Nemetschek Group, will be joining the board of SmartPM.

Nemetschek Group brings a global reach as an investor in SmartPM with their portfolio of companies such as Nevaris, a Germany-based software firm specializing in solutions for construction management and technology, as well as mobile products on the jobsite. Another of the group’s entities with global reach is Bluebeam, a software company developing innovative technology solutions that set the standard for project efficiency and collaboration for AEC professionals.

“SmartPM’s solution is so valuable because, unlike many platforms that often put the attention only on large projects, SmartPM provides a solution that is applicable to projects of any size. This is a solution that addresses many of the core business challenges in the industry,” says Nemetschek’s Wheelis.

Also joining SmartPM’s investment round is Zachry Construction Corporation, an industry-leading, privately owned company rooted in nearly 100 years of experience specializing in the construction or large, technically unique projects around the world. As with the Nemetschek Group, Zachry’s participation in this investment round will help create a powerful network of cross-collaboration and innovation.

“SmartPM offers a simple and user-friendly way to consume schedule data without requiring extensive knowledge of complex scheduling software. Nevertheless, the benefits of SmartPM go beyond just analytics for schedule data. The tool’s capacity to analyze trends in scheduling, project durations, and completion rates can provide valuable insights for the construction industry as a whole, including benchmarking performance against peers. We are thrilled to be a part of this promising technology,” says David Zachry, President and CEO of Zachry Construction Corporation.

SmartPM’s Strategic Investment Round:


The involvement of these two market giants should prove to be a sound investment, given SmartPM’s leadership status in the field of construction-project schedule analysis. SmartPM is the most comprehensive, schedule-centric analytics solution designed specifically for the construction industry by industry experts. SmartPM drives project management by leveraging billions of data points from the construction schedule to automate project control processes by extracting insights from the schedule data to mitigate risk, control costs, reduce delays, and increase profitability.

“We are beyond excited to receive strategic investments from both the Nemetschek Group and The Zachry Construction Corporation,” said SmartPM CEO, Michael Pink. “Their investments alone give us more credibility in the marketplace, which is important. But we also seek to learn and grow from our new partners as each will bring their own unique experience and vantage points to the table to help SmartPM become a truly world-class product with a global reach.”

Intuitive and customized analytics dashboards allow users at all levels to successfully manage complex project schedules, equipping them with the tools they need to automate schedule analysis while gaining visibility into mission-critical schedule data at-a-glance. What’s more, SmartPM has proven to reduce delays and increase savings, with its customers reporting a 50X ROI that often translates to saving millions of dollars on their commercial construction projects.


About the Nemetschek Group


The Nemetschek Group is a pioneer for digital transformation in the AEC/O and the media & entertainment industries. With its intelligent software solutions, it covers the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects, guides its customers into the future of digitalization and enables them to shape the world. As one of the leading corporate groups worldwide in this sector, the Nemetschek Group increases quality in the building process and improves the digital workflow for all those involved. Customers can design, build, and manage buildings more efficiently, sustainably and resource-saving. The focus is on the use of open standards (OPEN BIM). The portfolio also includes digital solutions for visualization, 3D modeling, and animation.

The innovative solutions of the brands ALLPLAN, Bluebeam, Crem Solutions, dRofus, FRILO, Graphisoft, Maxon, Nevaris, RISA, SCIA, Solibri, Spacewell, and Vectorworks in the four customer-oriented segments are used by approximately 6.5 million users worldwide. Founded by Prof. Georg Nemetschek in 1963, the Nemetschek Group today employs around 3,400 experts all over the world. Publicly listed since 1999 and quoted on the MDAX and TecDAX, the company achieved revenue amounting to EUR 681.5 million and an EBITDA of EUR 222.0 million in 2021.


About Zachry Construction Corporation


Founded in 1924, Zachry Corporation is a privately owned heavy and civil construction company with headquarters in San Antonio, TX, and regional offices throughout the United States. Zachry’s body of work started with a single bridge project in Laredo, Texas. Today, Zachry’s portfolio spans more than 5,500 diverse construction projects for clients all over the world. Driven by its extraordinary and innovative team, and their unwavering commitment to its Core Values, Zachry has pioneered techniques that have become the basis of modern heavy construction. All Dreamers and Builders are welcome at:


About SmartPM Technologies


Founded in 2016, SmartPM Technologies Inc. is a leading construction analytics provider headquartered in Atlanta. The company launched its cloud-based software in 2019 and is now the only comprehensive, schedule-centric analytics solution designed specifically for the construction industry by industry experts. SmartPM drives project management by leveraging billions of data points from the construction schedule to automate schedule and project reviews while extracting insights to mitigate risk, control costs, reduce delays, and increase profitability. SmartPM keeps all parties involved in a project in the loop, so each stakeholder clearly understands their own particular risks and financial ramifications.

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