Project Workspace

Know your project’s true story from start to finish.

Simplify complicated analysis with SmartPM’s Project Workspace, designed for you to thoroughly understand and drill down into the granular details of your project.

Discover the Project Workspace

  • Delay Analysis
  • Intuitive Analysis
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Scenario Modeling
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Schedule Health
  • Change Tracking
  • Weather Forecasting

Project Workspace

Delay Analysis

Analyze the underlying factors, reasons, and potential implications of your project’s historical delay and acceleration days.

Intuitive Analysis

Assess and interpret your project’s story with a multitude of customizable trend graphs for clear, unbiased insights.

Milestone Tracking

Monitor your project’s crucial milestones with every schedule update, helping you and your team reach timely completion.

Scenario Modeling

Test potential project outcomes with ease, applying advanced simulations to prepare you for any scenario with confidence.

Dynamic Reporting

Your data, your way. Generate custom or ready-made reports with a click, enhancing visibility for stakeholder alignment and strategic planning.

Schedule Health

Evaluate and monitor the health of your project’s various phases, identifying level of risk at a granular level.

Change Tracking

Detail and analyze schedule changes with comprehensive change logs, providing transparency and control over adjustments.

Weather Forecasting

Anticipate and plan for environmental impacts with advanced weather analytics, minimizing risk and optimizing plans.

Project Workspace

“The Windows Analysis is a game changer. What used to take me weeks or months on some projects now takes minutes or hours. I don’t want to analyze any project without Smart PM anymore.”

Layton VP of Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

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SmartPM’s Project Workspace leverages advanced analytics to forecast project end dates and assess the impacts of various scenarios on project timelines. By identifying patterns that form as the project progresses, the Workspace enables users to understand the long-term effects of project developments, allowing for more accurate predictions and timely adjustments.

Scenario modeling in the Project Workspace allows project managers to simulate different potential outcomes based on current project data. This feature helps in visualizing the effects of various decisions and external factors, enabling project managers to strategize effectively and mitigate risks before they impact the project adversely.

The Project Workspace includes tools specifically designed for delay analysis, helping project managers identify and understand delays’ causes and consequences. By analyzing the patterns of delays, the Workspace helps predict future complications and provides insights necessary for developing proactive solutions to keep the project on track.

Yes, SmartPM’s Project Workspace offers features that analyze the performance of trade contractors involved in a project. It identifies which contractors are underperforming and how their performance might be affecting other trades. This allows project managers and superintendents to pinpoint problem areas quickly and devise effective strategies to address these issues, ensuring smoother project execution.

By providing a centralized platform for comprehensive project data analysis, the Project Workspace empowers project managers with the tools to monitor ongoing developments closely and recognize emerging patterns. With this information, project managers can better predict outcomes and implement controls sooner, effectively steering the project toward its objectives and minimizing the risk of delays and budget overruns.

What do our users say?

“SmartPM’s interface was superior versus the competition, with essential metrics and reports clearly displayed and easy to find.”

Rob McMurrich
J.H. Findorff

“Incredible Schedule Analytics Tool. SmartPM is super easy to learn and very effective when trying to communicate what is going on in the schedule. It is so quick and easy to upload your schedules into the software and within minutes have all of the metrics at your fingertips.”

Brandon Howell

“SmartPM really helping us find and deal with the flaws in our baseline schedules and weekly updated schedules. It is saving us a lot of time by providing a cheat sheet on any issues with the schedule and points us right to the issue at hand instead of having to go dig for it.”

Brandon Schroer
DesCor Builders

“SmartPM did everything we needed it to do and more. It allows us to identify potential roadblocks in our schedule – and do it early enough to remediate the issues.”

Ranjeet Gadhoke
Zachry Construction Corporation Learn More

“Information to our owners is now 10X greater than before we had SmartPM. We uncovered a lot of risks that we did not know we had.”

Shawn Tresch
Bell Construction

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