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Letter From Michael Pink

Twenty years ago, I began my career as a delay analyst in commercial construction. With little knowledge about the role, I quickly immersed myself in the meticulous work of collecting and analyzing scheduling data to resolve time extensions and delay claims. Although lucrative, the work was often monotonous and time-intensive.

Throughout my years in the industry, one glaring issue became increasingly evident: the construction schedule, the most data-rich document on every project, is also the least understood. As the industry expanded, the demand for delay analysis grew, but the approach remained predominantly reactive, leading to costly and inefficient end-of-project settlements. This traditional, forensic methodology felt counterintuitive to me, especially since I have always been driven to solve problems proactively.

Adding to the complexity, the industry mandated the use of CPM (Critical Path Methodology) scheduling software. However, the widespread adoption of this software was not matched with sufficient knowledge and understanding of CPM among industry professionals. This gap resulted in ineffective use of the software and inaccurate data, further exacerbating project delays and mismanagement.

Despite significant technological advancements, a major misconception persists: the belief that routine time extensions adequately address project delays. In reality, critical path delays are frequently more extensive than the granted extensions, leading to unacknowledged project impacts. This experience reinforced my conviction that a continuous, real-time analytical approach is not just beneficial but essential.

I founded SmartPM to tackle this fundamental problem. Our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry with the first step being to enhance visibility and understanding of the construction schedule. We do this through ongoing, intensive analytics and schedule controls that enable collaborative problem-solving, addressing issues promptly and effectively using accurate data. By leveraging technology, we perform the intricate tasks traditionally handled by experts, providing accessible and actionable reports that all project stakeholders can understand.


At SmartPM, we have developed a solution that embodies this proactive approach. I invite you to experience it for yourself.



Michael Pink
CEO, SmartPM

Michael Pink
Michael Pink

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Executive Team

Richard Pink

Chief Operating Officer

Rohit Sinha

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Rowland

Vice President of Sales

Darren Fouts

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Jaime Buice

Marketing Director

Billy Upchurch

Product + Industry Champion

Sara Giacobbi

Vice President of Client Success

Brian Sykes

Director of Revenue Operations

SmartPM’s Mission is Simple

On Time

Proactively highlight potential delays, keeping your project on its planned trajectory.

On Budget

Get the foresight you need to identify project pitfalls before they impact your bottom line.

Out of Court

Avoid litigation with clear documentation and analytics that support project transparency and accountability.

Building a Better Future, Together

Built for smarter project management, SmartPM is dedicated to keeping projects on schedule, within budget, and out of court. By ensuring that all stakeholders trust and understand their project data, we’re redefining the standards of construction. With SmartPM, we aim to give the industry the data they need to build a better world.

Schedule Quality Good Quality is the only place to start.

What do our users say?

“SmartPM’s interface was superior versus the competition, with essential metrics and reports clearly displayed and easy to find.”

Rob McMurrich
J.H. Findorff

“Incredible Schedule Analytics Tool. SmartPM is super easy to learn and very effective when trying to communicate what is going on in the schedule. It is so quick and easy to upload your schedules into the software and within minutes have all of the metrics at your fingertips.”

Brandon Howell

“SmartPM really helping us find and deal with the flaws in our baseline schedules and weekly updated schedules. It is saving us a lot of time by providing a cheat sheet on any issues with the schedule and points us right to the issue at hand instead of having to go dig for it.”

Brandon Schroer
DesCor Builders

“SmartPM did everything we needed it to do and more. It allows us to identify potential roadblocks in our schedule – and do it early enough to remediate the issues.”

Ranjeet Gadhoke
Zachry Construction Corporation Learn More

“Information to our owners is now 10X greater than before we had SmartPM. We uncovered a lot of risks that we did not know we had.”

Shawn Tresch
Bell Construction

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