SmartPM Releases a Powerful New Gantt Chart

SmartPM releases a powerful Gantt Chart that highlights an increase in performance and enhanced usability across all projects.

ATLANTA, Nov. 11, 2022 – SmartPM, a real-time automated project controls platform, continues to make additions to enhance project visibility through the release of an updated Gantt Chart. The updated Gantt Chart highlights an increase in performance and enhanced usability across all projects.


“People expect web pages to load in seconds these days, so SmartPM decided to create a new high-performance Gantt Chart,” said Rohit Sinha, Chief Technology Officer at SmartPM. “In the past, we spent a lot of time working on updating the rest of the product to be very intuitive. Leveraging the old Gantt Chart’s architecture to build a more robust and maintainable version, the new Gantt Chart will allow us to easily add enhancements in the future and bring more value to our customers.”


The carefully updated design pays attention to current industry standards for Gantt Charts in addition to extra features for enhanced usability and overall conceptual understanding. With the updated additions, project teams can appropriately make decisions through the new Gantt Chart’s infinite scaling ability via a timeline. The updated timeline allows users to see which activity caused a delay and its logic. The ability to see the performance curve for filtered individual activities has been added.

SmartPM’s update to the Gantt Chart further simplifies the process of tracking activity metrics by giving users the ability to track the data which is most important to them, even if it’s not included in the original activity filter. Activities now have day, week, month, and quarter views, amplifying SmartPM’s overall readability.

As projects increase in complexity, they need a strong project controls platform. SmartPM helps companies unlock information, previously hard to track down, by providing valuable insights into project performance through the new Gantt Chart updates almost instantaneously.

SmartPM is continuing to change the world of construction scheduling with the hope of implementing AI to analyze the trades’ past and future project performance. Future updates in the product will empower decision-makers to optimize subcontractor or crew decisions based on past performance, revolutionizing project planning and project controls.

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About SmartPM Technologies


SmartPM Technologies Inc., a leading project analytics company for the construction industry, was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Atlanta.  The company introduced its SmartPM product in mid-2019 and is the only cloud-based, schedule analytics software solution designed specifically for the construction industry. Founded by industry analytics experts, the company introduced the first full-service project analytics system that extracts information from native schedule files and converts it into meaningful insights, which helps minimize risk of cost exposure related to delays and overruns. SmartPM was designed by construction professionals with one mission in mind: to provide stakeholders with the tools necessary to effectively control costs and schedules, and to keep projects off the path toward disputes. For more information, visit

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