Interactive Gantt Chart

View your project’s entire schedule history and trajectory.

Visualize project performance with SmartPM’s Gantt Chart, designed to unlock the information most critical to your project.

Discover the Gantt Chart

  • Historical & Forensic Analysis
  • Schedule Lookaheads
  • Filtering & Activity Metrics

Web-Based Gantt

Historical & Forensic Analysis

Explore the history of your project timeline, revealing critical patterns and impacts to sharpen your future planning and execution.

Schedule Lookaheads

Visualize scenarios and future trajectories allowing for proactive adjustment of resources and strategies for your project’s upcoming needs.

Filtering & Activity Metrics

Focus your efforts with targeted filtering options to spotlight essential project activities, gaining insights that drive smarter project management.

Gantt Chart

“SmartPM takes away the ambiguity from the scheduling process. It presents you with definitive data that graphically represents the intuitive understanding of how a project is progressing.”

DesCor Builders Vice President, CFO

Frequently Asked Questions

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SmartPM’s Gantt Chart provides a dynamic view of your project’s timelines, allowing you to visualize not only the historical and projected progress but also detailed aspects such as delays, accelerations, and critical path activities. With its infinite scaling ability, you can drill down from day to quarter views, examining the specifics of each activity, including their impact on project timelines and the underlying logic of delays.

SmartPM’s filtering functions allow you to customize which project activities are displayed based on specific attributes on the Gantt. You can use built-in filters or create custom ones to focus on activities that have caused delays or acceleration, track progress made or missed, and even pinpoint activities on your actual historical-critical or near-critical paths.

Yes, SmartPM’s Gantt Chart allows you to directly track and analyze the critical path and any project accelerations. It provides visual indicators of the project’s progress, showing which activities are on the critical path, which are near-critical, and how changes in these paths impact the overall project schedule. This real-time insight is crucial for adjusting strategies and managing project timelines proactively.

We know across-the-board visibility is what truly drives success. That’s why every project benefits from unlimited users per project, so your team can operate from a single source of truth.

What do our users say?

“SmartPM’s interface was superior versus the competition, with essential metrics and reports clearly displayed and easy to find.”

Rob McMurrich
J.H. Findorff

“Incredible Schedule Analytics Tool. SmartPM is super easy to learn and very effective when trying to communicate what is going on in the schedule. It is so quick and easy to upload your schedules into the software and within minutes have all of the metrics at your fingertips.”

Brandon Howell

“SmartPM really helping us find and deal with the flaws in our baseline schedules and weekly updated schedules. It is saving us a lot of time by providing a cheat sheet on any issues with the schedule and points us right to the issue at hand instead of having to go dig for it.”

Brandon Schroer
DesCor Builders

“SmartPM did everything we needed it to do and more. It allows us to identify potential roadblocks in our schedule – and do it early enough to remediate the issues.”

Ranjeet Gadhoke
Zachry Construction Corporation Learn More

“Information to our owners is now 10X greater than before we had SmartPM. We uncovered a lot of risks that we did not know we had.”

Shawn Tresch
Bell Construction

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