Executive Dashboard

View aggregated project data and interactive trends across your entire portfolio.

Get a macro-view of your portfolio with SmartPM’s Executive Dashboard, designed for organizational risk management and strategic decision-making.

Discover the Executive Dashboard

  • Portfolio Trends
  • Geographical Heat-Map
  • Metadata Fields
Executive Dashboard

Interactive Trends

Interact with various trends across your entire project portfolio for continuous, comprehensive oversight and benchmarks.

Geographical Heat-Map

Pinpoint your portfolio’s risks with a visual map, providing a clear, geographical breakdown of potential issues for proactive management.

Metadata Fields

Bring dark data to light in real-time with selective views, filtering out the noise to concentrate on the most relevant data for your projects.

Executive Dashboard

“SmartPM offers a comprehensive dashboard for high-level portfolio tracking, with the capability to drill down into scenarios and customize ‘critical’ paths, focusing on key milestones.”

HPM Senior Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Executive Dashboard provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire project portfolio from a high level. It allows you to quickly visualize the overall health of your projects through an intuitive graphical interface, identify which projects require immediate attention, and make informed decisions faster using business intelligence.

Interactive trends offer an in-depth view of various trends across your project portfolio, providing continuous and comprehensive oversight. This allows you to benchmark project performance, track progress over time, and identify patterns that may impact project outcomes.

The Geographical Heat Map visually represents the distribution of risks across your project portfolio, providing a clear geographical breakdown of potential issues. This tool is designed for proactive management, helping you to quickly perceive and address risks before they escalate.

Metadata Fields on the Executive Dashboard allow you to bring previously obscured data to light. You can use selective views to filter out irrelevant data, focusing only on the most pertinent information for your projects. This feature helps streamline data analysis and enhances the relevance of the insights provided.

Custom Metrics Cards let you select and pin vital, specific metadata to your custom dashboard. This functionality enables you to tailor the dashboard to display key metrics that are critical to your project’s success, such as project health, finish date variance, schedule performance index (SPI), quality, and compression. These cards provide a focused view of important data points, making it easier to monitor and react to project dynamics quickly.

What do our users say?

“SmartPM’s interface was superior versus the competition, with essential metrics and reports clearly displayed and easy to find.”

Rob McMurrich
J.H. Findorff

“Incredible Schedule Analytics Tool. SmartPM is super easy to learn and very effective when trying to communicate what is going on in the schedule. It is so quick and easy to upload your schedules into the software and within minutes have all of the metrics at your fingertips.”

Brandon Howell

“SmartPM really helping us find and deal with the flaws in our baseline schedules and weekly updated schedules. It is saving us a lot of time by providing a cheat sheet on any issues with the schedule and points us right to the issue at hand instead of having to go dig for it.”

Brandon Schroer
DesCor Builders

“SmartPM did everything we needed it to do and more. It allows us to identify potential roadblocks in our schedule – and do it early enough to remediate the issues.”

Ranjeet Gadhoke
Zachry Construction Corporation Learn More

“Information to our owners is now 10X greater than before we had SmartPM. We uncovered a lot of risks that we did not know we had.”

Shawn Tresch
Bell Construction

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