SmartPM’s Enhances Project Controls Dashboard

SmartPM Enhances Project Controls Dashboard

SmartPM Technologies is pleased to announce key enhancements to its project controls platform for construction scheduling analytics.

ATLANTA – May 20, 2021 – SmartPM Technologies is pleased to announce key enhancements to its project controls dashboard for crucial construction scheduling analytics. New user-friendly features make tracking the health and success of construction projects easier for all stakeholders of a construction project to see and understand.

“Deep understanding of schedule data on each construction project is critical for our industry to improve. SmartPM’s ability to quickly access this understanding through our elaborate SaaS tool ultimately helps each individual be successful in their particular role,” said Michael Pink, founder and CEO of SmartPM Technologies.


“Schedule data is the most powerful data in construction. It just needs to be presented in a manner that makes sense. We believe our new project controls dashboard can offer more intelligent data on how a project is progressing. Best part is, it’s all presented in a way that’s easy for all stakeholders to understand.”


Highlights of the SmartPM project controls dashboard enhancements include:


  • A newly introduced project health metric. This metric is weighted based on the schedule performance, compression and quality, and acts as a risk indicator that allows users to easily identify which projects are most at risk and need immediate attention.
  • An independent schedule-quality checker. This new feature enables users to load a schedule into SmartPM and immediately verify its quality prior to incorporating it into a project.
  • A reordering of dashboard metrics. This provides for greater clarity in accessing data and a more intuitive user experience.


Clients, like MCP Group, are noticing big improvements in how quickly SmartPM allows them to track problem spots. During a recent webinar, Pat Tolin, CEO of MCP Group, shared with attendees.


“We are beyond pleased with SmartPM. In 2020, due to the pandemic, every job was behind or scheduled late. But when we realized what SmartPM could do, COO Greg Stueve and I were able to analyze all of our schedules and easily locate where the problems lie. Our project managers and superintendents have fully embraced SmartPM and cost-wise SmartPM has not only paid for itself on every project –it’s put dollars on our bottom line”.


SmartPM Technologies, named on the Top 21 Startups to Watch in 2021 list in Atlanta Business Chronicle last month, is on a fast-moving growth trajectory. Last year the company grew its customer base by 250%, closed another round of seed funding ($785K), tripled its sales revenue, and had its greatest customer gains in Dec. 2020. Additionally, they have hired a number of new employees in 2021 and continue to hire.

SmartPM Technologies serves businesses across the construction industry including, general contractors, owners and owner’s reps, developer/builders, government entities, and some of the world’s largest insurance and consulting firms.


About SmartPM Technologies


SmartPM Technologies Inc., a leading project analytics company for the construction industry, was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Atlanta. The company introduced its SmartPM product in mid-2019 and is the only cloud-based, schedule analytics software solution designed specifically for the construction industry. Founded by industry analytics experts, the company introduced the first full-service project analytics system that extracts information from native schedule files and converts it into meaningful insights, which helps minimize risk of cost exposure related to delays and overruns. SmartPM was designed by construction professionals with one mission in mind: to provide stakeholders with the tools necessary to effectively control costs and schedules, and to keep projects off the path toward disputes.

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