SmartPM and Procore Talk New Construction Scheduling Era at Groundbreak 2023

Together, they aim to enhance the way construction professionals operate and manage their projects from inception to completion.

ATLANTA, Aug. 29, 2023 – (ConstructionDive) – In a pivotal development for the construction technology sector, SmartPM Technologies has further strengthened its strategic alliance with Procore, the industry’s premier construction management software provider. Together, they aim to enhance the way construction professionals operate and manage their projects, from inception to completion.

The collaboration integrates SmartPM’s analytics and monitoring capabilities seamlessly with Procore’s comprehensive project management features. This integration is anticipated to provide professionals with actionable insights, helping reduce project delays, mitigate risks, and streamline operations.


“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership,” said Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM. “Joining forces with Procore allows us to leverage the best of both platforms, resulting in an unparalleled offering for construction professionals worldwide. Our combined expertise is destined to push boundaries and set new standards.”


As part of this alliance, Pink will take the stage at Procore’s annual Groundbreak 2023 conference, diving deep into the future of construction scheduling. He will be joined by Matt Baum from Procore’s scheduling product management team and Franco Giaquinto, CEO of Outbuild, to illuminate the transformative potential of the construction sector’s digital evolution.

Titled “The Future of Construction Scheduling,” this session promises a fresh perspective on the advancements in the construction scheduling process. Despite the legacy of CPM scheduling, the trio will delve into how technological innovation is finally catching up. They will highlight the transition from traditional systems to contemporary, data-enabled platforms enriched with powerful analytics. This session, given the combined expertise of its speakers, is expected to be one of the event’s highlights.


“The construction industry is on the cusp of a revolution,” remarked Pink. “With the advent of AI, machine learning, and business intelligence, we’re looking at unprecedented systematization of workflow management. Our collaboration with Procore and the insights from this session at Groundbreak 2023 are pivotal for professionals to grasp these emerging trends.”


Procore’s Groundbreak 2023 brings together the most passionate and innovative thought leaders from around the world who are embracing the transformation happening across the construction industry. For more information, visit


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Founded in 2016, SmartPM Technologies Inc. is a leading construction analytics provider headquartered in Atlanta. The company launched its cloud-based software in 2019 and is now the only comprehensive, schedule-centric analytics solution designed specifically for the construction industry by industry experts. SmartPM drives project management by leveraging billions of data points from the construction schedule to automate schedule and project reviews while extracting insights to mitigate risk, control costs, reduce delays, and increase profitability. SmartPM keeps all parties involved in a project in the loop, so each stakeholder clearly understands their own particular risks and financial ramifications.

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