SmartPM Launches New Project WorkSpace

The New Project Workspace is designed to bring key project management information to the surface and simplify how users oversee their projects.

ATLANTA, May 19, 2022 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – SmartPM Technologies Inc. announced today the launch of the new Project Workspace—an enhanced analytics dashboard. The dashboard provides construction [project controls] professionals easy access to mission-critical project information now in one place. SmartPM’s Project Workspace includes several features designed to further streamline and strengthen the powerful Schedule Optimization Platform™.  Enhancements allow users with little or no training to customize their workspace so they can monitor important project milestones quickly and explore “what-if” modeling to maximize schedule management results.


“The new Project Workspace is designed to bring key project management information to the surface and simplify how users oversee their projects,” said Rohit Sinha, CTO of SmartPM. “Users will be able to easily track key data points such as building completion, phases, subcontractors, progress, delays, worker health, etc., which will enable them to track milestones across the overall project. They can also customize their view to see what’s most important first.”


A major pain point for construction project managers and schedulers is that current construction analytics software has very outdated user interfaces that require hours of training before they can be used. Poor usability increases the risk of mistakes, delays, and wasted money and resources. SmartPM set out to solve this problem by simplifying the user interface, so little training is needed to get important project information to decision-makers. Users can now view critical data and analysis in one space.


“Project Workspace gives the project control team power to quickly go into each project and see where each milestone stands in one place,” said Sinha. “They can also go in and model the impacts of common ‘what-if’ scenarios like weather conditions or having certain trade work more days on a project, helping to optimize their schedule and final project outcome. As the platform progresses, we’ll be including more ‘what-if’ models that can be generated quickly.”


Users also have the option to reorganize the Project Workspace dashboard so they see the milestone data that is most important for their decision-making processes. The simplified user interface saves time because users won’t need extensive training to find the information they need quickly.


The new Project Workspace includes the following features:
  • Centralized Reporting: Allows users to quickly understand where project and key milestones stand
  • Customizable Dashboard: Enables users to quickly access mission critical information by re-organizing the dashboard
  • What-If-Modeling: Permits users to model common what if conditions, such as potential recovery from having a trade work longer/more days


“SmartPM’s new Project Workspace was designed with our customers’ wants and needs in mind, bringing a level of intuitiveness to project scheduling the industry has been craving for decades, ” said Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM. “At SmartPM, our mission is to bring schedule analytics to the mainstream–to open up the lines of communications from executives through management all the way down to the jobsite. Opening communication about the project schedule will result in better decisions and better project outcomes, and the new Project Workspace is specifically designed to achieve this.”


About SmartPM

Founded in 2016 by industry analytics experts, SmartPM Technologies Inc. is a leading construction schedule analytics provider headquartered in Atlanta. In 2019, SmartPM launched its Schedule Optimization Platform, which analyzes complex construction schedule data via machine learning to uncover actionable insights so construction firms can improve project outcomes. The only schedule analytics solution designed specifically for the construction industry by industry experts, SmartPM is used by thousands of construction professionals to mitigate risk, control costs, and increase profitability.

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