Custom Reporting

Your Data Your Way

Generate consistent reports and align your teams with the information most relevant to them.

Shift from static to dynamic reporting: From in-depth analyses to simplified progress updates, Custom Reporting makes it easy to communicate about your project.

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Stay Up to Date

Set up subscriptions to automatically receive updated reports every time your project is updated, hits a new milestone, or finishes an analysis.



Custom Fit Solution

Choose from a range of templates, add meaningful data visualizations, and integrate informative narratives to make your data speak.



Designed for You

Your data, your way. Access and integrate specific, real-time performance insights with metrics, charts, and narratives into singular, easy-to-navigate reports.

Streamline communication and align your teams with custom templates for peak efficiency and informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Custom Reporting Your Data, Your Way


Choose Your Charts

Uncover discrepancies between planned outcomes and actual progress, or illustrate the interplay of trends, accelerations, or delays. 

Pull any of our charts into your custom reports, helping you spot patterns and manage changes with ease.

Custom Reporting Performance & Data Integrity


Contextualize Your Data

Add depth to your reports by adding detailed explanations of what your data means with information cards.

Get quick, insightful summaries that provide more context around your data, making it easier to grasp the significance of trends and metrics at a glance.

Custom Reporting Performance & Data Integrity

Tell Your Project Story

Seamlessly blend ready-to-read performance narratives into your reports.

We convert your raw data into engaging, text-based summaries, providing a comprehensible snapshot of your project’s current status.

Custom Reporting Performance & Data Integrity

Understand Your Timeline

Incorporate detailed tables for granular reviews of your project’s details, showing time periods, data dates, and end-date variance, among other critical metrics.

Examine how specific project aspects, such as delays and critical path analysis, impact your project’s scope.

Custom Reporting Performance & Data Integrity

Communicate with Clarity

Embed filtered Gantt Chart views into your reports to align with your communication goals, enabling a focused visualization of project performance.

Pull specific areas of interest or concern to facilitate a clear understanding of project progress in relation to set benchmarks.

Custom Reporting Performance & Data Integrity

Level the Playing Field

Put the data most important to you front and center, then share it easily for up-to-date communication.

We make data accessible and understandable, allowing everyone to grasp the information in terms that are relevant to them. 

Custom Built Your Data, Your Way

Standardize your reporting protocols. Deliver consistent and meaningful updates across all of your projects.

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What do our users say?

“SmartPM’s interface was superior versus the competition, with essential metrics and reports clearly displayed and easy to find.”

Rob McMurrich
J.H. Findorff

“Incredible Schedule Analytics Tool. SmartPM is super easy to learn and very effective when trying to communicate what is going on in the schedule. It is so quick and easy to upload your schedules into the software and within minutes have all of the metrics at your fingertips.”

Brandon Howell

“SmartPM really helping us find and deal with the flaws in our baseline schedules and weekly updated schedules. It is saving us a lot of time by providing a cheat sheet on any issues with the schedule and points us right to the issue at hand instead of having to go dig for it.”

Brandon Schroer
DesCor Builders

“SmartPM did everything we needed it to do and more. It allows us to identify potential roadblocks in our schedule – and do it early enough to remediate the issues.”

Ranjeet Gadhoke
Zachry Construction Corporation Learn More

“Information to our owners is now 10X greater than before we had SmartPM. We uncovered a lot of risks that we did not know we had.”

Shawn Tresch
Bell Construction

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