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Building Smarter: Ryan Companies Goes Enterprise With Automated Project Controls Platform

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Like many Construction Management firms, executive leadership at Ryan Companies sought to improve its internal project controls functions. The firm’s senior management believed that it would achieve the highest ROI if it found a schedule analytics technology that would:

  1. Improve its internal schedule management and analytics processes.
  2. Provide visibility into the progress and performance of its projects to executives in a systematic manner that was easy to understand.
  3. Transform field management teams to think like schedulers, eliminating their dependency on scheduling specialists.

As a result, Ryan Companies appointed its Director of Field Development and Training, Josh Bergstrom, to find a schedule analytics technology that would help.




Bergstrom attended the annual Procore Groundbreak event, where he first met the SmartPM team. After a few minutes of discussion with SmartPM’s CTO, Rohit Sinha, Josh realized that the problem he was asked to solve for his organization was the exact same problem that SmartPM Technologies was designed to solve, specifically for the construction industry.

“Shortly after engaging SmartPM, my team and I realized SmartPM had something that no other company could provide: easy-to-use, next-level schedule-based project controls that provide actionable insights across all levels.”




Ryan Companies entered five of their ongoing construction projects into a SmartPM pilot program to understand first-hand how SmartPM overcomes scheduling and management challenges experienced by most of the construction industry.  

SmartPM provided their staff with easy-to-understand, comprehensive schedule analytics – with capabilities that far surpassed any other schedule analytics software on the market. The tool was easy to use and readily available without creating obscure workarounds or requiring the expertise of a schedule expert.  After using SmartPM for six months, Ryan Companies entered into a 3-year enterprise agreement with SmartPM Technologies to implement the platform across all projects.

“As we continue to grow and expand our construction services nationally, we recognize that schedule performance and analytics are critical to our ongoing success. The fact that SmartPM empowers us to present real-time schedule metrics to project teams through our Procore embedded application and enables us to pull that same data directly into our Power BI dashboards, was icing on the cake.”

"Easy-to-use, next-level schedule-based project controls."

About Ryan Companies

Founded in 1938, Ryan Companies offers comprehensive commercial real estate services as a national developer, architect, capital investment consultant, builder, and real estate manager. With a focus on bringing lasting value to their customers and the communities in which they work, Ryan’s work spans a wide range of product types, including office, mixed-use, hospitality, senior living, and multi-family housing.

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